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Has one of your employees learned that they have a severe food sensitivity?
Before social adjustments can cause rifts between co-workers or cause illness in the employee(s) with identified sensitivities, set up a staff meeting for everyone to learn about the needs and requirements of people with food sensitivity.
Learn the top 10 ways to create a workplace with improved sensitive leadership and partnerships.
Sensitivity Training for Management, Co-workers and Staff
Restaurants and Catering Businesses: Food Sensitivity Contamination Concerns
Many restaurants are being approached by customers wanting foods that may be gluten free or dairy free, among other things.
Aria Life Quality Enhancement has created a seminar/training event just for restaurant owners, managers and kitchen staff.
Learn where contamination takes place and how to prevent it in your very own kitchen.   
Learn what it sticks to, what it doesn't and how to 'kill' gluten.
Empathy training is also provided so that restaurant staff can have a better understanding regarding the difficulties that arise for people with food sensitivities who would like to eat at your restaurant.
Receive Aria Life Certification to assure your customers with food sensitivities that your staff has special training with regard to kitchen contamination issues and food sensitivities.
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