Special Product Warnings
Ecover Dishwashing Liquids:

Lemon and Aloe Vera contains wheat gluten.
Herbal contains whey.

For people who are gluten and dairy free, Ecover does not carry a suitable dishwashing liquid. That said, many of their products are suitable and (in my opinion) excellent. But you must call and confirm with them before buying. Aria Life does carry the Herbal Dish Liquid but since the reason for our existence is to try and supply only gluten free items, we do not carry the Lemon and Aloe Vera flavour.


Most nut companies we've contacted have a 'may contain' clause on their larger bags of nuts (11 kg bags). In our home, we wash the nuts before we eat them. However, other people may decide that they need to take different precautions.

Oak Manor:

An excellent company but after speaking to one of their reps. about thei facilities we've decided it's too much of a gluten contamination risk in our home. Therefore, Aria Life does not carry Oak Manor grains, even if they look gluten free.

Glengrove Organics:

Another excellent company. However, I was told by a representative that gluten contamination may be an issue.

Table Pepper:

A surprise for most newbies to the gluten free diet. Many cheaper peppers contain wheat. It was enough to cause illness in our home until we tracked it down. Beware! It is a good lesson in realizing that we really must read every single ingredient list for ourselves. Don't rely on anyone else to do it for you. Even at Aria, we've stocked items that we thought were okay but weren't. Everyone needs to watch their own tushies.

Rice Flours:

The flours that we get from Arva Mill do have a 'may contain wheat' clause on the larger bags. This is the same flour that many people buy in smaller bags and is what is stocked at many bulk food stores but for some reason the smaller bags do not have the 'may contain' clause on them and bulk food stores still label the bin as 'gluten free' without a disclaimer about contamination possibilities.

If you find that you are not feeling well, the two scenarios are: 1) Your system is sensitive to all grain and may need more time to heal. 2) Wheat contamination levels, though negligable, may still be too much for you.

Reconsider using squash to make your breads and waffles. Go to pecanbread on the internet to find out more about how to live without grain.
Delivery will occur between within two weeks of ordering (specialty items may be excepted).

Springer Bone-In Hams must be ordered by April 12th for Easter.

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