Kitchen Organization, Cleaning Services, Contamination Consultation
1.    Initial Kitchen Setup  $75
Just diagnosed/discovered a gluten sensitivity and don't know where to begin?
Lacking the time or energy to re-organize your kitchen for this new way of life?
Aria Life will send in an experienced organizer who lives a gluten free (and sometimes other-things-free) life, to help you get started.

2.     Booklet of Alternative Cleaning Methods Guide: $10
A booklet with various sets of cleaning instructions that cater to people with sensitivities. Review, with your personal cleaner, the options that appeal to you.
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Two hours of personal cooking lessons in your home that includes three recipes worthy of becoming true nutritional staples in your home.
Choose 3 of the following for your personal lesson:
Soup Broth:  Even working parents can manage this with a crock pot.  Learn how to make sure your soup has maximized calcium levels.  This soup broth is the basis of what will make your rice, gravies, meat sauces and salad dressings more nutritious.
Crepes: These make a quick, easy and nutritious breakfast stuffed with honeyed peaches or mixed fruit.
Waffles:  Made without sugar, these can be topped with something sweet for breakfast or dessert, or with chicken pot pie filling for dinner.
Veggie Pizza Dough:  Get veggies into your family without them even knowing it!  This recipe can be used as a lot more than just pizza dough.  Try it as garlic bread to go with a beautiful spaghetti dinner, among other fantastic, creative endeavours.
Grainless Tea Cake:  This is a great recipe for people who can't tolerate grain very well.  The original recipe uses eggs but egg replacer does a fine job in turning out a beautiful tea cake that can also be frozen and toasted for breakfast.
Loaded Spaghetti Sauce/Taco Meat:  Learn how to really load the nutrition into your spaghetti sauce or taco meat... and how to turn one recipe into two just with a few extra spices!
Turmeric Chicken:  A wonderful chicken recipe with an Asian appeal to it.  Also excellent in the morning with poached eggs on top.
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