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Disclaimer:  Reviews are meant as a general guide only and do not apply to any specific individual.


Breaking The Vicious Cycle, Elaine Gottschall    
Not Available:  On Order

Pros:  Extremely helpful to the beginner who wants to have a more comprehensive explanation of how bacteria can affect the gut.  The healing protocol and menu/recipe guide are very helpful.  This diet has helped an astounding number of people find improved gut health and therefore, general health and quality of life improvements.

Cons:  The healing protocol is very basic and works but has room to improve its efficacy with a more procedural details.  Like any dietary guide, it needs to be tailored to individual needs.  For example, the 'legal' list of foods includes nuts, eggs, some dairy, some nightshades and the lily family.  However, there are several support groups to access on the internet where people who have restricted these items can offer their successes and failures with this diet.

Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child, Janet Zand, Robert Rountree, Rachel Walton 
Not Available:  On Order

Pros:  Great A-Z reference.  Three different charts to guide vitamin and mineral supplementation.

Cons:  Doesn't cover gluten sensitivity at all and celiac is only briefly mentioned.

Dr. Richter's Fresh Produce Guide, Henry Richter
Not Available:  On Order

Pros:  Excellent for expanding a good rotation diet to include a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.  Great serving chart in the front of the book.  Reasonably priced.  A valuable tool for establishing a weekly menu.  Nutrient charts are included and easy to read, apply and keep in consideration for planning.

Cons:  Speaks only to the positive aspects of foods assuming that all foods are good for everyone.